About Bela Sutaria

Bela Sutaria is a native of Houston, TX whose passion for experimenting with sewing and fashion stems from an early age. As a child, Bela watched her mother utilize her skills to sew things together and alter clothes that didn’t fit properly. Bela sparked interest in this fascinating machine and practiced the basic techniques on random scraps. By high school, when her creativity levels advanced, Bela was in her room after school creating clothing for herself. This remained a behind-the-scenes hobby through college and as she began a career in Human Resources. Not many people knew that she had this design talent because it was just something she enjoyed doing in her downtime. Little did they know she was already wearing her own creations for years.

Years later, a restructuring of her job lead to a blessing in disguise pushing her towards her entrepreneurial dream. While she enjoyed the corporate world and learned a lot, she knew this was the time to expose her passion and creative side that wasn’t always recognized while working a 9-5.

Bela launched her business right at home with projects coming in through word of mouth including sari and vintage garment reconstructions, handpicking custom fabric and materials, alterations, and sewing from scratch (custom designs/no pattern). Now, she hopes to reach a greater audience by designing comfortable, transformable athleisure and every-day wear that can be taken from day to night or mixed and matched with other pieces. Her ultimate goal is to provide functionality in wardrobes through sustainability and ethical production, while maintaining her original cultural edge that helped start it all.



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