Bela Sutaria

Narrowing the Focus

For years Bela Sutaria specialized in custom clothing. We created anything from Indian/Pakistani Western outfits to American bridesmaid dresses to baby clothes. We worked closely with clients to select fabric and materials then used exact measurements to create their look of choice. Our goal in this system was working with individuals to see their vision all the way through while using our own personal touch to create unique garments.

Our passion stems from creating pieces that can be mixed and matched, and worn time and time again. These are not garments that are one-time wear. We hope that you can pair them with other things in your closet and style them differently for maximum use. Some of our most proud moments are when we receive images from clients wearing their designs, and the number of compliments they received and how fabulous they felt wearing it. Being able to execute the initial vision is such a satisfying feeling when you know that has been accomplished.

However, in more recent years, as a mom and wife of a gym owner (a.k.a. behind the scenes Admin/HR Manager of the business) I have not had the same flexibility with scheduling to seek out custom fabrics on my own. I could have someone do it but the joy in it for me was being able to help my clients myself and be hands-on. I decided it was time to start thinking about creating a line for people to choose from, and if they happen to request something custom I can try my best to figure it out because my end goal is still to fulfill those closet dreams! Although many of my requested pieces over the years were more traditional, I did not want newcomers to think that I was only an Indian-wear designer. This was the time to start fresh and have the freedom to put my aesthetic out there.

One of the main constant, streamline patterns in my designs up to this point was functionality – I always mention or show how my garments can be mixed, matched, dressed up, dressed down, worn traditionally, or worn casually. Something I found myself in most of the time was comfortable lounge or athleisure-wear. As someone who works out and is running around with a toddler, this is what I gravitate towards. With my husband opening his gym at the same time that I decided to begin this journey, I thought athleisure would work perfectly to fit my own style while also being able to present my pieces in his gym. And at the end, you can always add your own fusion twist as you please, which I love to do so that I can stick with my roots.

In a way, I wanted to start over with classic separates that ANY one could wear. I hope that this expands my audience beyond my Indian followers, friends, and family, and that these same pieces can still be mixed with anything in your wardrobe. My ‘Leading Lady Hooded Blazer’ is a signature classic that will never go out of style. Pair it with dress pants, a skirt, our STF leggings, a crop top, a sari blouse, a lengha — you name it! We want you to feel comfortable yet put together in pieces that will last in your closet for years. The options are endless within our new line and this is just the beginning. Thank you for following along on our journey thus far, we can’t wait to show you what’s next!

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